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There are parts of this site which will not display properly for you or will have menus that start halfway down the page. I apologise in advance for that and I really wish that you didn't have to view it like this.

Instead of playing dirty tricks on you, and, trust me, some website developers do out of sheer revenge, I wanted to educate you a little about why Internet Explorer (IE) is so detested amongst those making websites.

The simple truth is that it is a lot of extra, fiddly work to get a website to show in IE as it does in every other browser. For example, the character profiles on this site looked perfectly fine in FIFTY EIGHT different types of browser, but the formatting was completely out for IE. It took me two hours to fix it just so that the text could be read by IE users, without messing it up for others.

Every website developer wants everyone to be able to see their site as they intended. Though annoying, I'm guessing that no-one would balk at all this extra work, if they believed that IE is a decent browser. It's not. Compare it, for example, with Firefox (FF):

Do I need to go on?

I have been coding websites for years, but my browser was IE. I only recently swopped to FF, because MangaBullet works better with that browser. This is the first site that I've coded with FF as my main browser. I was astounded! My workload was effectively halved and things just slotted into place. I just assumed that I've become suddenly really improved at coding, patted myself on the back and thought nothing of this. It was only when one of the contributors checked out an update on a school computer, through an IE browser, that the truth dawned. I have been used to doing double or triple the needful workload, because I was attempting to make websites work in IE.

So why does IE demand so much more code? I researched this on the internet and asked on various forums. It seems that once upon a time, IE dominated the market. Everyone used IE. Then along came these other browsers, which had pretty things and faster speeds, so the powers that be at Microsoft decided to write in extras to try and thwart them. The perceived wisdom was that websites wouldn't show properly in these new browser and so people would stop using them.

It backfired. Those who create websites tend to be computer savvy. They wanted the better browsers and they also very quickly learned, as I did with this site, that it's far easy to code for the other browsers. The swing went away from IE and only now are the programmers there scrambling to undo their policy. They can't do it overnight or else their own customers will suddenly have their websites not showing correctly.

IE is running to catch up. 'Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7' is an official source article, written by program managers for IE, which is worth reading to understand more about this. This following quotation is particularly telling:

We heard the feedback from the developer community that has asked us for a long time to move to a more standard-compliant rendering behavior. We are balancing this request with the needs of our customers to not have their pages broken. To find a balance we introduced a strict mode in IE6 that lets authors opt in to the more standards-compliant rendering. Pages authored under non-strict mode (quirks) will not change behavior in IE7 and will not be affected by broken CSS filters. Under strict mode, we have made and will continue to make changes to be more standard-compliant. As a side product, content from an older strict version might break when we have to do behavior changes to be more complaint. This has happened to the broken CSS filters. They relied on specific implementation behavior rather than the CSS specifications.

We hope this article provided some help in understanding the root cause of CSS compatibility issues with IE7 and offered enough ideas to help you mitigate the problem.

In short then, this site will not display properly on some pages because your lumbering dinosaur of a browser won't let it. It won't let it, because the manufacturers have deliberately rendered it so. It would take about 14 hours extra work for me to make this site IE compliant. It would take two minutes for you to download one of the other 58 FREE browsers, where it displays perfectly. What would you do, if you were me?

Here is where you can download the browser that I use now: